Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another year, another fantastic Comicon!

  Now with two kids, it definitely took a lot more effort to put together some new work for this year's comicon.  Luckily everyone else stepped up so much with their own work in our little island that I couldn't feel like I was weighing them down.  You can see some of the fine folks in the image below.  I've included the ones I know of with links here:

Come next year, i'll have to think of some clever way to put art up so it doesn't clutter up the whole table and block art work.

Here's another image of what it looks like from the inside, it's always great to see new fans and the old fans as well. 

Below are the new pieces this year.  I tried to go big and do two 11x17 pieces.  Sort of a play on sci-fi versus fantasy.  If you put them side by side, it makes for a good wall decoration.  It was received pretty well, but the bread and butter prints below are still my best sellers.  Thanks for all those that came by and even those that keep coming back, love the support!  Hope to see you all next year!


mdwyer said...

Ah-hah! Found you!

I saw you at ECCC, and picked up the "There Can Be Only One" pair and two other pieces of art.

I had the pair framed, and they look /great/:

But... When I got home, the other two pieces that I bought weren't there. Worse is that I don't even remember what I bought!

Argh... Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you have next year. I love your style!

SHIEK WANG said...

Thanks mdwyer! It looks better than I anticipated framed on the wall like that. Glad you guys love it.

That's too bad about the other pieces, if you know which they are after you've looked at them below on the blog I can send them to you. Lemme know if that works.

I love meeting new people and have them appreciate my art. Hope to see you guys next year at the con!

mdwyer said...

Annie's on Market in Ballard did the framing. The first time around, it looked pretty terrible. But after I rejected that, they tried again and the results were MUCH better. You can't see in that picture, but they're using a neat matte that is black with a red core. Turns out to be PERFECT for your style.

I should lend 'em to you next year for your table display!

jake fromstfarm said...

hey idk if you remember me but im cameron (the kid that kept buying your stuff at last weeks comicon) and i forgot that i had this favorited i never knew you could comment :D

SHIEK WANG said...

Hey Jake, thanks for remembering and your continual support in the con and off the con! Hope you are enjoying the art pieces you bought and have a great happy holidays man! Hopefully I will see you next year again at the con.

Tristan Kichline said...

Hey I'm in love with your art and I just recently got the sci-fi piece on Sunday during comicon and was wondering if there was any way to get the fantasy piece so I can have both because I absolutely need all of your art in my room right now. If there is a way to buy them please let me know, thanks!

SHIEK WANG said...

Of course Tristan! How can I refuse a fan? Email me on my gmail account and let's talk about the details :). I sold out of the fantasy one faster than the sci-fi one, I'll have to keep that in mind next year.

Jake Ellingson said...

Hey Shiek Wang, I was at comicon Sunday, and finally found ya at the end, grabbed a duplicate of the at walker(i bought in 2016), and the what I assume is a naginata warrior, I love them both, and the fact that its the same style it pulls the room together, people comment on them every time. I do have the same question as Tristan above here, Is there a possibility of buying more online? I would be happy to pay for a shipping envelope. Please let me know as well. Keep doing what your doing man; You definitely got some skill behind a screen.